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How to Order

Step 1 - Reserve: Please fill out the order form.  Once we run out of lamb, we will update the form for you to sign up for a wait list or next year's order.

Step 2 - Deposit: Please send $100/lamb deposit to Amador Grazers.

Step 3 - Confirmation: We will send you an email confirming that we have received your order.  After butchering date (early May) we will send you a notice of your hanging weight and when your order will be ready for pick up (expect 50 to 60 lbs of hanging weight / animal -- $300 to $360/lamb).

Step 4 - Payment: Send us your final payment of $6/lb of hanging weight, subtracting original deposit.

Step 5 - Pick up: All customers must pick up their order at "The Meat Shop" in Martell, CA in mid-May.  We will notify all customers when orders are ready. At pick-up, you will need to pay a butchering fee of $150/animal in cash (Meat Shop charges extra fees for credit card). 

Amador Grazer's Standard Cut:

Our default cutting instructions to butchers are as follows.  If you wish to provide your own instructions, you can call the butcher and request that. 




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Dan & Sherry Fields

Hours of operation

 The sheep are wondering around mostly between 7AM and 5PM.